10 Best Digital Insurance Marketing Strategy to boost your sales

4. Making investments in Pay Per Click Ads.

Insurance Marketing Strategy pay per click

Insurance Marketing Strategy pay per click

SEO will only help you rank your page in the top orders but in order to generate mass traffic you need to invest in marketing. Website marketing can be done through pay per click ads.

This is extremely efficient method to generate huge volume of traffic.

Users often click on ads that appear on google searches at the very beginning of the search page.

This is effective as maximum searches are done through mobile devices where ads appear directly on top of each page for any searches.

5. Using Video marketing to promote your insurance product.

Consumers are driven by graphics. Any motion graphics triggers the consciousness of consumers. You can open a YouTube channel with details and catchy animated graphics of your insurance product.

This will enable people to be more interested in which insurance product you are selling and persuade them to go for your offering.

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6. Review and Testimonial of your current Customer.

Any successful sales is the building block of a good customer relationship. Insurance marketing is totally contingent upon your reputation with your existing customers.

Thus their reviews and testimonials are your key to gain a trust of a would be policy owner.

Your website homepage must have a section of customer reviews and testimonials which will ensure the credibility of your website and your products.

7. Strong Social Media Presence.

It is very important to have a social media presence in order to generate more organic traffic. Consumers are addicted to social media, traffic generated through social media helps to build a brand.

For example, A Facebook page with a thousand followers and likes will get you verified on the platform.

This intern creates a reliable awareness conscious among users and thus dragging them to your insurance selling website.

This insurance marketing strategy is extremely helpful and time effective.

8. Live chat Integration in your Insurance Website.

Information regarding Insurance purchase and benefits can often be very blurry.

Consumers are often left with unanswered questions to insurance products which drives them away from a confirm purchase.

This can be easily sorted by having a live chat agent at your website.

This will also entertain the human interaction factor making your sale more trustworthy and effective.

9. Email Subscription Newsletters.

Have your customers sign up to your website with a pop up window right after they visit your Insurance website.

Once you have a good amount of email list, you can make monthly newsletters with Insurance offers that will help you to make more sale from existing customers and probable ones as well.

10. Online Commission Sales People.

Make an army of online sales specialists trained by you who are willing to make a sale to various people to get the extra mile.

Sharing a small portion of your commission with your sales army can help you develop your workforce and of course the extra insurance sales will get you the quarterly and yearly bonuses!