Insurance has become a vital part of our everyday lives, with health insurance protecting us from diseases, to our car insurance keeping us financially protected from accidents. Which is why it was so surprising that there is was so little information available online about insurance policies, the providers, and the entire industry as a whole. 

To fill that gap we created Insuranceness, to ensure that your are fully equipped with all the knowledge you need about the insurance industry to take decisions that are best for you.


Insuranceness itself is a venture undertaken by Crowds Reach, a disruptive media agency that focuses on creating innovative and disruptive solutions for the media industry. 

This venture here is a part of Crowds Reach’s Digital Media division, which strives to create our own array of media brands such as Insuranceness, that will allow us to reach the “crowds” in directly without relying on paid media. 

The executive team is currently based out of Canada and Bangladesh, and we make it a priority to work with a globally located team of creatives, content creators, writers, and editors to provide the best quality content across all our ventures. 


Our content creation team is currently a globally located cooperative of freelancers, currently comprising of 4 amazing writers from Spain, Bangladesh, Canada, and Ireland, all of whom have long-term experience in the Insurance industry. 

While our editorial team is in-house, we are always recruiting freelance content creators who have proper industry experience, to ensure that all our content is not only factual but have real life value for our audience.