How to buy Car Insurance in Canada: 5 Easy Steps

How to Buy Car Insurance in Canada: Best and Easy 5 Steps

Best and Easy 5 Steps to Buy Car Insurance in Canada

Best and Easy 5 Steps to Buy Car Insurance in Canada

Buying Car Insurance can be a very daunting task. Searching through tons of websites and handling those annoying cold calls takes up a lot of time and resources.

Consumers often face the post vehicle purchase dilemma which solely is involved with the purchase of the best car insurance plan in his geographical area.

Below lists the best and easy 5 steps for you get an insurance for your car:

Step 1: Identifying car Insurance providers:

There are 3 main car insurance providers in Canada:

a. Banks/Credit Unions: They sell on behalf of the public car insurance system or operate their own agency.

b. Insurance Companies: They provide a variety of insurance services including auto insurance.

c. Independent Insurance Brokerage: They sell on behalf of insurance companies and also the public car insurance system.

Step 2: Gathering the required information

In order to obtain an auto/car insurance, you will need a list of documents that you will be asked to provide. Below is a list of them:

a.Your Personal Information

b. Details about your vehicle including make, model, year, VIN number and how you plan to use your car for daily purposes.

c. A record of your driving history including your driver’s license number and the date you obtain your license.