How to Get The Cheapest Car Insurance in America

3. Apply All Discounts

Although most insurance providers don’t provide generic sales or site-wide discounts, they usually have a wide array of unique discounts that usually vary from person to person. 

Since discounts vary from person to person, you have to check for yourself what you qualify for, and whether that be a corporate discount from your employer, a home owners discount, or even a student discount make sure that you apply it on your car insurance policy.

7. Do you Need Comp Coverage?

As a car owner getting car insurance you need to make a decision about what you want out of your insurance policy. Comp and Collision coverage basically compensates you, the car owner, in cases were your car gets completely wrecked in an accident or gets stolen, by giving you the current market price of the car.

You need to make a judgement call based on factors such as how old your car is, whether the extra cost is worth it long term or not, but if you decide you don’t need it you can be saving hundreds of dollars over time.