How to Get The Cheapest Car Insurance in America

4. Perfect Driving Record

One of the easiest ways to lower your car insurance rates long term is to keep your driving record clean. This is simply because the rate you get is based on how your insurance company assess the risk associated with you as a driver. 

Which is why it is possible to prove that you are less of a risk with a clean record, often resulting in a significantly cheaper auto insurance policy. Read our most popular article- Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in America

3. Improve your Credit Score

Another factor that insurance providers use to determine the rate that they charge you at, is your insurance credit score. Which is why if you can keep your actual credit score high, then in most cases your insurance credit score simultaneously rises accordingly. 

Through extensive research our team here at Insuranceness can assure that for approximately 65% of the time an amazing credit score can result in very low insurance premiums.